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Committee members

From left to right: Edwin Tan, Shen Xiaoyin, Chang Rui Hua, Chan Kok Hoe, Valerie Chow, Daniel Lo, Bharti Bhargava.
Absent from picture: Tan Tai Kiat, Dr Lee Soo Ann and Chua Yeow Hwee.

Senior Advisors:   Dr Lee Soo Ann

Senior Advisors:   Daniel Lo

President:   Chang Rui Hua

Vice President:   Shen Xiaoyin

Vice President:   Valerie Chow

Secretary:   Bharti Bhargava

Treasurer:   Chua Yeow Hwee

Director of Mentorship Programme:   Tan Tai Kiat

Director in-charge of NUS Alumni Bursary:   Chan Kok Hoe

Director of events:   Edwin Chen

We would like to acknowledge the past committee members who have contributed in one way or another to the success of NUS Economics Alumni and its events.

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