NUS Economics Alumni Annual Dinner 2012 at 2 Goodwood Hill

It was the grandest event of the year for the NUS Economics Alumni, which is the annual dinner event that was held to great success! This was the 5th annual dinner and the biggest turnout ever of about 100 people came to share in this joyful event. We have the privilege of Professor Julian Wright, the new Head of NUS Economics Department as our Guest of Honor. He graced the event sharing profound information about NUS Economics department success so far in worldwide education rankings and latest insights on happenings undertaken by the department. Dr Lee Soo Ann, Chairman of NUS Economics Alumni also shared the formation of the Alumni and the upcoming events to entice graduating students as well as Alumni to join in the fun. We also have the support of OAR for our event with Mr Wang Peng Meng, Associate Director of OAR who spoke about OAR activities and so graciously donated the goodies for our goodies bags, we especially love the Linus — the NUS Lion!

The event was also bittersweet for the graduating economic students as the dinner was a swansong event for them. There were Alumni members from various cohorts, NUS Economics department staff and students as well as guests from SMU Economics Society. We hosted five guests from SMU Economics Society which helped build the relationship among economics cohorts of SMU and NUS. Besides the sumptuous buffet, there were entertaining games such as Bingo & Treasure Hunt which had the crowd entertained. Also, an Economics Quiz to test everyone’s economics knowledge which was quickly answered by the participants! In the end, everyone went home filled up with the good food and wine as well as knowing more about NUS. Economics Alumni, the new department head — Professor Wright and future activities. NUS Economics Alumni is one of the most active Alumni — always. organizing events, talks and trips to cater to all Alumni. Lastly, we had a final group picture to remember the joyful, entertaining night, full of camaraderie amongst the Economics greats!

First published in 2012