President’s Message

Dear Alumnis,

2020 started with great hope and beginnings of a new century!  I started as the new President wanting to bring fresh perspectives and new engagements to the alumni with the beginning of a new century. 

Unbeknown to all, an invisible enemy by the name of coronavirus COVID-19 invaded us and turned the world and our lives topsy-turvy. Unprecedented in the world with each of use humbled and affected beyond our imagination. Setting an unprecedented economic upheaval that we will need to dig deep to ride through. During this pandemic period, humanity and social good did rise – people coming together worldwide, supporting each other in motivation and also in kind. From raising donations for the front liners battling the pandemic, supporting small F&B businesses to survive and to helping the aged for essential needs as they need to stay at home. #Giveback to society. 

Businesses, the economy, livehoods and our ways of socialising are disrupted and a “new norm” has emerged. The way we work and live our lives will change. The rise of #digitalfuture and adoption of #digitalisation will be the catalyst of the future. As economics graduates, we have a role to play and adapt towards a digital economy, embracing continuous learning of new skills and upskill ourselves. Be agile, adaptable and be ahead of the digital curve. 

As we forge onwards for 2020 and beyond, let’s continue onwards with hope and positivity – unite together, stronger as a team to play our part as Economics alumnis supporting each other and giving back to our alma mater. I look forward to forging ahead with all. Growing and building us together!

Valerie Chow
President, NUS Economics Alumni