Singapore Children’s Society Day Outing SG50-NUS110 Celebration 2015

NUS Economics Alumni organised a great day of fun for 20 children from Singapore Children’s Society (SCS) and their families on 13 June 2015. This event was part of the SG50-NUS110 celebrations in giving back to the society. Under privileged children from SCS got to do something extraordinary and fun that day. They went ice-skating at J-cube! Some of the children and their families were especially excited as it was their first time ice-skating. They watched in anticipation as the ice was being resurfaced before the morning skating session. While some children took to ice-skating immediately, others were slightly apprehensive at first. However, it was not long before everyone was gliding gleefully in the rink! As for those who could not skate well, the NUS Department of Economics staff members were there to guide them. Smiles and laughter were all around from the joy of ice-skating!

After two hours of excitement, it was time to break for lunch. Everyone was happy to chomp down their MacDonalad’s meal as all their energy had been well-spent. After lunch, the NUS Economics Alumni volunteers ran an SG50 Drawing Activity as a way of engaging the children with the $G50 celebration. The children from SCS were divided into groups and asked to draw their vision of Singapore in the next 50 years. The alumni, NUS Economics staff and their children joined in the different activity groups. The children were very creative and enthusiastic in their drawings. They presented their drawings to Professor Basant Kapur from NUS and Mr Tan Tai Kiat, an alumni, who were the judges for the activity. All the children did a great job in their drawings. They presented to the judges their ideas of how Singapore would be like in 50 years, from having space ships, higher sky scrapers to many other interesting stories. Although the judges had a hard time awarding the prizes, everyone went home a winner as each child won a gift pack!

It was a great SG50-NUS110 celebration event, with lots of camaraderie between the families from SCS, NUS Department of Economics staff, as well as the NUS Economics Alumni’ volunteers. Everyone went home happy and entertained.

First published in ECONews in August 2015